Dear Fellow Traveler,

I have arranged this tour in order to share the majestic beauty and historical significance of my birthplace... GREECE.

Distinctly the Peloponnese and its diverse cultural sanctuary.  Brimming with whimsical sea sides, beautiful forests and epic twisty mountain roads you can smell and taste. Let us delve together into the Myth that is Greece!!!

After our 10 year anniversary tour, it was obvious to all our participants that this is "THE WAY TO SEE GREECE" with the locals and utilizing all the secret lush backroads I 've spent years discovering.

This is not a typical tour of Greece. This is far more personal. 

So, this is why I find it the perfect place for an unforgettable  Adventure...

We currently offer Adventure Tours for Motorcyclists and Non riders aka Mini Bus or Van and personal driver tours. 

Motorcycle tours:

A 10 day and a 6 day tour of the Peloponnese, as well as an 8 day exploratory ride of the Northern Peloponnese and Central Greece. These tours will include unforgettable mountain passes, scenic seaside roads with an historic twist. Not to mention a one day cruise on the rest day. The distances we will cover each day will not be great. But the roads will be every bit demanding of your attention, not to mention the views. Upon your arrival you will be picked up at Athens International Airport, where your tour guide will take you to your hotel in Athens. After you are checked in you will meet in the hotel lounge for your orientation. You will be acquainted with local traffic laws and signs, and given your maps and agenda for the next day. Time permitting, we will visit the Parthenon and enjoy a night out on the town. On day two you will be introduced to your motorcycle and we will travel south to Nafplion ( former capital and once part of the Venetian Empire, evident in its architecture) where the seaside resort of Tolo is located. This exploratory ride to Nafplion will help you feel comfortable with your machine and also allow you to get a taste of what’s to come...

Also on offer are three adventure tours:

We are now offering Cycling trips through the Peloponnese. Which will include sightseeing as well as outdoor sports and wine tastings. And of course let's not forget the chance to cycle through some of the most scenic roads.

Also on offer are Sport climbing and mountaineering adventures which will be offered year round and guided by our professional licensed guides. 

And last but not least, the best adventure of all. A relaxed no stress visit to Greece for small groups of family and friends. We can customize a tour to cater your every need. 

ΚΑΛΕΣ ΒΟΛΤΕΣ and See you in Greece!!!

Vasilios Rallis

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