What Better Way to Experience the Rich Culture and Heritage of Greece Than on a Motorcycle

New York, NY -- June 11 2004 -- A Greek American living in New York has undertaken the task of joining his  two favorite passions. Motorcycling and his birthplace, Greece. Vasilios Rallis with the the assistance of his brother Bob is now offering motorcycle tours through one of the most majestic regions of Greece. The Peloponnese, with its diverse terrain and historical significance makes the perfect backdrop for this trip. Specializing in giving the true Greek experience, G.-A. keeps the  tours to a five bike maximum. In this way the tour retains a personal level of feel and quality rarely seen in today's market. Currently they are offering  two tour dates for the upcoming year and they've assured us that there are more to come. Can't make the listed dates? Greek-Adventures will customize a tour just for you and a select few anytime of the year you like. From your perch on the motorcycle you will travel back in time. You will witness a perspective rarely seen by many tourists. You will personally experience a great history with diverse culture, from the breathtaking views of the sea, to vernal forests and winding, magnificent roads. They have picked the route less traveled. Making stops in small villages to take in the aromas, tastes and sounds of the past. Some of the antiquities include The Parthenon, birthplace of democracy, Mycenae, relive the Trojan War, the Ancient Theater of Epidavro, and many more. Vasilios or Billy as he is often called, along with his brother Bob make a great team. They make you feel like one of their family. It is a once in a lifetime experience. Don't miss this opportunity.

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Greek Adventures Adds Relaxing Option To Motorcycle Vacation Package

Say Namaste to Motorcycle Tours

Topanga, CA---September 1, 2016---Greek-Adventures, a twelve-year-old company offering guided motorcycle tours through the gorgeous vistas of the Peloponnese and beyond, has added yoga to its roster of Aegean pleasures.

Before visiting the Ancient Theater in Epidavro and riding through the mountains to Galatas, adventurers can now begin the day centering themselves before cutting loose and letting the balmy winds of the Mediterranean have their way.

The 12 Day Zen Moto Tour is billed as the motorcycle tour for the soul searcher. Designed around daily morning meditations guided by Yogi Nadine Stroble and fresh, healthy meals, with a focus on the tranquility of the surroundings, the new addition to the Greek-Adventures tour menu aims to wed relaxation with thrill seeking.

“What better way to experience the rich culture and heritage of Greece than on your own terms?” says Vasilios Rallis.

Vasilios Rallis, AKA Billy, is the sole proprietor of Greek-Adventures. A lover of freedom, pleasure, his ancestral home, and motorcycles, the exuberant, lifelong rider leads the road-warrior part of the moto tour and prides himself on providing a rich, full experience of Greece, be it the quaint countryside or a ride out to Mycenae (Tomb of Agamemnon--Relive the Trojan war) along with a visit the Corinth Canal (Isthmus).

Because the unique company offers 3 different tours---Ten Day Peloponnese Adventure, Six Day Peloponnese Adventure, 8 Day Exploratory Tour, plus the option to customize a package---an adventurers’ terms are vast.

“Come share the wonders of Greece with your family and friends,” says Billy. “We can customize the tour that's right for you and give you the true Greek experience.”

That true experience can include exploring the sites of the Parthenon and Herodion theater, as well as a tour of the Acropolis museum; a quick return to the hotel room, followed by a Yogi Stroble lead session designed for new or experienced yoga practitioners to follow, and then an evening stroll after dinner.

“With us you can visit quaint country villages. Enjoy the seaside. See all the wondrous sites Greece has to offer,” says Rallis.

Although the flight to Athens is not included in the cost, lodging, meals, and motorcycles are, which surely provides an adventurer with their moment of zen.